Shipping Methods

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease) in the world, the specific logistics time cannot be guaranteed. I hope that the respected customers can give understanding and tolerance, thank you for your support.

Delivery in the US (Canada, Australia, New Zealand)will be via DHL. It's fast delivery, you will add an additional $ 15.99 freight. It takes 3-7 days delivered.

The European region will be dispatched by USPS, there is around 2-3 days show label created. It takes about 15 days delivered, But this way can save you some money, you don't need to pay the Customs tax. The shipping fee is $16.99
If fast delivery is required, you will add an additional $ 16.99 freight by DHL. Will arrive at your address in 5-10 days. But with the way Excluding the Customs tax.

Please note that we will shorten the shipping time by DHL delivery, which means you will be able to pay the customs tax.